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Wrongful or misdiagnosis leads to an improper conclusion about the patient’s health conditions and the physician based on that diagnosis report then determines what the next course of action would be. A missed diagnosis describes the lack of a diagnosis, usually leading to no or inaccurate treatment. In other cases, the diagnosis is so different from the reality of the person’s medical problem that the resulting wrong treatment, or missed treatment, can cause death or debilitation. 

“An accurate diagnosis IS THE FUNDAMENTAL of any treatment procedure, the quality of life (QOL) –> post-treatment majorly depending how accurate diagnosis and screening has performed. Although the actual number of inaccurate against accurate diagnosis are hard to determine, industry experts say it somewhere around 4-5%. The reason for not knowing the exact percentage is mainly because it is highly unlikely the physicians would accept the truth even they realize that there has been such a mistake committed. If we consider 5% is the rate of misdiagnosis or wrong medication, even then this fraction is still frightening.

Begin by using our platform, called SecondThought gives an option to the patient to seek the expert opinion of the practitioner worldwide. Either this can be referred by their primary care doctor otherwise patients owe it to themselves to explore alternatives for figuring out what might be right for their health” 

Sanjay Pati
Co-founder and Head of Innovation
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