Connected Medical Devices Pay-Per-Use

ConMED Solutions

The Healthcare industry is on a high growth trajectory having evolved significantly in the last decade. Despite high growth, healthcare provision remains inequitable and challenges in access to advance medical equipment. affordability of healthcare devices persists a major roadblock for lot of diagnosis centers, as it needed a huge amount of capital investment in procuring such sophisticated medical devices

CONMED Solutions
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  • Real time OS
  • FDA Class II and Class III medical devices
  • Reliable communication medium
  • On-chip security

Share of diagnosis in total healthcare cost for a patient


Share of Medical technology cost in setting up a tertiary care hospital

Our ConMed solution enables advanced diagnosis devices (new or pre-owned) to be fitted with this ‘Pay-Per-Used’ model. The product is designed in a manner to control the services over secure remote management methods. Providers are charged only when the equipment is used, and Invoices are being generated based on the number of successful session creations. The I/O unit is fully controlled by remote applications and terminates with an output request. which means I/O interfaced will be locked after every single use. A new connection request must be made using multi-factor authentication by the device for every subsequent use.

“Pay-Per-Use presents significant cost-saving and revenue benefits. The solution allows OEMs to penetrate untapped markets with a unique offering. Overcome a fixed rental policy this model benefits more to the medium and small healthcare centers where a capital investment of acquiring screening devices is a challenge. Besides new medical equipment, Pre-owned devices can also be brought onto the platform for affordable care solutions by the providers in under-penetrated and remote regions; resulting in significant patient outcomes.”

Sanjay Pati
Co-founder and Head of Innovation
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