Integrated solution
for Diabetes care

D’MELLITUS Solution 

Arrangement of clinical facilities for diabetes care is never adequate considering the prevalence rise of diabetes cases globally. Particularly in rural areas where health care systems are much fragile, often people found themselves helpless and left out from such a basic care facility.  

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How can we Help?

  • Pattern discovery: Diabetes Mellitus: For the analysis, it is necessary to test some of these patterns such as plasma glucose concentration, serum insulin, diastolic blood pressure, diabetes pedigree, BMI, age, number of times pregnant, etc.
  • Predictive analytics done through BI tool that establishes relationships and patterns within large volumes of data that can be used to predict behavior.
  • Clinical documentation/electronic health record (EHR) which includes all healthcare information from all sources for an individual patient.

Moreover, in populous countries with a high volume of patients, mount pressure on the healthcare system so any arrangement bound to be fell short to meet the requirement. The healthcare ecosystem is very much unaccessible in such places, it becomes extremely difficult to get access to necessary care assistants, be it: Specialists, Diabetes Care Technicians (DCT), Advanced calibrated devices, or even Pharmacy.

The DeMellitus is a platform that brings all key stakeholders under one single roof. Patient, Doctor, Technician, Pharmacy, and Nutritionist are connected in a secure manner with different levels of access privilege. Connected Point-Of-Care testing devices (POCT) or Professional Hematology and Chemistry analyzer can be integrated into our platform so that the test data can be sent to the platform for the doctors/nutritionist to examine.

It provides Online consulting, digital prescription, and the option to place an online order of your prescribed medicine either to your nearest chemist or chemist who offers a cheaper price for the same medicine/medicine with exactly the same composition.

The DeMellitus for diabetes care has been positioned as a promising solution that has the potential to benefit patients and overall care systems immensely.

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