Embedded and IoT

Software Development 

We work on best-in-class energy efficient, reliable, and intuitive IoT systems (Processor, Sensor, Connectivity IC) for a rich set of wireless connectivity (LPWAN: SigfoxLORANB-IoT…). We provide services and offer solutions starting from sensors, connectivity to the applications.

From point-of-care to smart appliances to wearable we create feature-rich graphics, work on minimizing power consumptiondata security and storage, and RESTFul architecture support for cloud integration.

HW selection:

Best HW brings you durability and performance. We suggest or client reliable analog and digital circuits and electronic control systems.

SW development:

We offer design SW architecture that matches your application needs. From monolithic architecture to RTOS solution.

Design and Integration

We advise you how to integrate solutions from several vendors into one functional unit.

PoC and Prototyping:

We can quickly design and visualize the future form of the product.

IoT Network:

We not only develop products that can communicate over available radio network but also can design network when it is needed.

Support service:

We offer service warranty on IoT Sensors, Gateways, communication network and applications to our customer throughout the whole product lifecycle.

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