Software Development 

EHR/EMR system development service is one of our core business competency building and providing practical solutions to our customers that can help them in eliminating redundancy and piles of papers works when dealing with patient data.

So far our experience shows that our EMR software solutions have proven to be excellent solutions for the customers to enhance their clinical productivity, improved accuracy, and hence, achieve better operational outcomes.  

EMR/EHR Solutions

Besides traditional EMR/HER development we offer advanced EMR solution to our customers such as AI-based patient self-assessment, Patterns, standard analysis, and device integration.

EHR Compliance

We operate within the compliance, following HIPAA and HL7 functional specifications we build a secure EHR system that handles patient information and meets the objective of the EHR solution for which it is intended. For secure data transfer and role-based authentication, TLS and SSL encryption are being used.

Integration Services

Integration of any existing in-house or third-party applications (be it: billing system, insurance claim Software or reporting application) with HER/EMR software is the essential service that we offer to our customer.

EMR/EHR Mobile Apps

We build secure and rich mobile applications to achieve exceptional results in data accessibility. Healthcare applications would establish seamless and easy connectivity between patient and doctor.

Health Data Analytics

AI-based health data analysis becoming very popular tools among the medical practitioner as it gives the first-hand indication about the patient health condition and suggests possible treatment methods which somewhat help to take an accurate and quicker decision.


E-prescription is the most common request of our customers. To get rid of paper-based prescription, keep a record of medication history along with providing online access to the patient and doctor our development team integrate this most important feature into EHR software.

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