As the industry trends are rapidly changing, we help our clients navigate these shifts and giving them the tools needed to survive and thrive. Armed with in-depth business insights and understanding of your core issues, we can deliver relevant technology solutions orchestrated across various channels to dramatically improve your business efficiency.

Development and Support Model

Onshore, Offshore

Value based/Per Unit model

KPI based delivery

Subscription based model

Captive developement model

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

We combine the thinking of business consulting with the rigor and scale of technology. It is this unique blend of bold new ideas and client-first thinking that makes Convex Function the preferred IT solution partner. Besides T&MFP, or BOT models we even offer our customers can choose either a value-based/per unit price model or a Subscription-based model of engagement.

Subscriptions Based Model:

Subscriptions-based models are often cost-effective, we offer a fairly large amount of man-hours (Development, Testing, and infrastructure) against a nominal yearly fee. Those Man Hours/Infrastructure customers can utilize in any number of projects they wish to execute within the subscription period.

Value based/Per Unit Price Model:

This model of delivery was designed keeping eye on the project, which may not have activities to perform on daily basis. Such as product maintenancesupportbug fixes, or Testing activities. In this mode, we charge our customer only for that unit of work. For instance: the number of defects we fixed, or the number of test cases that we execute.

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